The importance of a proper installation cannot be overstated.
A proper installation is one of the most crucial aspects of heating-and-cooling systems. In fact, no matter how high the efficiency rating of a system may be, an improper installation will neutralize it, leaving you with the same high energy bills you were trying to eliminate.

Our team of experienced installers make sure you get the most out of every system we place in your home or business, every time.

Proper commissioning ensures an efficient, effective system.
Any installation of heating–and-cooling mechanical systems should be properly commissioned to confirm the installation works perfectly as the design intended. The operating costs of a properly commissioned furnace and/or air conditioner are significantly lower than the operating costs of equipment that has not undergone proper commissioning.

We run our systems through a number of detailed operating scenarios, checking every single aspect of the system from fan belts to pressure sensors to alarm systems and more, eliminating any chance at inefficiency at any point in the system.

With a proper installation and an in-depth commissioning from Total Comfort Resource, you have full confidence your system is working as it should.

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