Commercial Heating and Cooling Grand Rapids

Total Comfort Resource serves Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding communities.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Grand Rapids, MI

Total Comfort Resource’s team researches, diagnoses, and resolves a variety of operational and maintenance problems. We combine technical analysis with industry experience to identify potential solutions, and address issues down to the root causes. Data and information gathered from technical analysis can be implemented as part of a preventive maintenance strategy, helping to anticipate and avoid problems by initiating corrective actions before trouble occurs. Our team of skilled professionals help clients maximize their facilities investments by solving performance problems that, unfortunately, most others overlook.

When you think of TCR – think partner.

When you need to obtain reliability and energy savings from new or existing assets, you don’t need a company that just goes “through the motions.” You need a company that is committed to cutting edge strategies and solutions to improve reliability, energy usage, and performance of your equipment, thereby reducing repair and energy costs. Driving productivity and maximizing efficiency is essential to success today. Having a partner prepared for the uncertainty of tomorrow makes TCR’s expertise second to none. Partnering with TCR enables us to provide you solutions that companies need in order to address even the most challenging facilities issues — today and in the future. We know good air and the symptoms of bad air.

We also know every building is different. A manufacturing plant has vastly different needs than a dental office, but both can achieve the same high quality of air. Our job is to give you the best possible environment for your employees and customers. Cleaner air leads to a reduction in illness and an increase in productivity.

Conserving energy.

Using less energy is not only better for the environment—it’s good for your bottom line. Energy-efficiency improvements may get you tax credits from the government. Plus, utility companies often have rebate programs for everything from thermostats to central air. We’re geothermal experts and can help you determine the best system for your facility and outline your potential savings, both now and over time.

With our consultation and green-technologies expertise, you’ll enjoy the impressive ROI of an energy-efficient HVAC/R system.

Preventing problems.

Our preventive maintenance and service programs catch the small problems before they become big problems. Our solutions are meant to last. With preventive maintenance, you get that assurance.

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